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This One Moment (Pushing Limits #1)
Stina Lindenblatt
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Expected April 5, 2016

Fame, fortune, and stadiums full of screaming fans are right around the corner for the rock band at the heart of Stina Lindenblatt’s steamy, intense Pushing Limits series. But it’s an epic love affair that steals the show in this opening act.

When Nolan Kincaid skipped town to chase the music career of his dreams, he knew he wouldn’t miss the reminders of his broken family—he wasn’t so sure he could forget the girl he left behind. Now his band is touring nonstop, the recording sessions go all night, and the groupies are crazed. But when he hears that Hailey Wilkins is in trouble, he drops everything.
Hailey thought she’d missed her chance with Nolan. Five years ago, the moment she realized she loved him was the moment he decided to leave. Now, when a brutal assault lands her in the ICU, Nolan flies straight to her bedside, acting like nothing’s changed. What’s a rock star like him doing, canceling shows and risking his record deal, just to nurse an old friend back to health? And why should Hailey believe he’ll stay this time?

With her attacker still at large, Nolan’s ready to rise to the occasion. He knows he let Hailey down once before, but he’s ready to give her everything, heart and soul—and he’ll fight for the chance to prove it.

Two best friends who lost touch five years ago due to tragedy and distance are reunited when one is seriously hurt. 

Nolan Kincaid left town five years ago, became rock star Tyler Erickson, and never went back. Though he never forgot his best friend and unrequited crush, Hailey. But looking back was too painful so he cut her off.

Hailey has changed since he left and hurt her. She has trust issues and only does casual one-nighters to avoid getting close enough to get hurt again. She wakes up in the hospital after being attacked and injured to  find Nolan is back and is pushing his way back into her life.

Nolan is magnetic, sexy, and hot. He is wanted by millions of women. But he is still haunted by his past, has closed himself off, and is under immense pressure to produce what is needed for his band. His secrets eat at him. He still lacks self worth and feels guilt and loss. And he never really had a handle on if Hailey liked him more than just a friend. But he is protective of her and determined to keep her safe.

Hailey is sweet, sassy, and supportive, but she is also still scared, insecure, and vulnerable. She has no clue how Nolan really feels about her, and his leaving and ending contact  just made her feel disposable. So she has no idea what to do with him or how she will survive losing him again when he goes back to his current life.

Both have missing memories haunting them and causing anxiety. There  is danger lurking and unanswered questions. And although they enjoy being together, their lives are in opposite locations and they both have fears and insecurities that hold them back.

It is more than a rock band story. This is a second-chance friends-to-lovers story with some mystery, suspense, and danger weaved in. It is told dual points of view with flashbacks. The mystery, secrets, and missing memories are gradually revealed throughout. I will admit that as the drama ramped up in various story lines, I felt like some of it got to be a bit much and I was not sure about a couple of the plot points. There was a lot going on, but it definitely added some twists to the story. The story line had some unique elements and it was obvious that the author strived to develop a complex, woven background that had lasting effects on the characters.

Nolan and Hailey were likable, had good chemistry, and a deep connection built on a solid friendship. The side characters of his band mates Jared, Mason, Aaron and Kirk and their other best friends, Kayla and Brandon,  added support, humor, and sometimes a bit of drama. I am curious who will the be the subject of the next book, My Song For You,  but I am thinking either Jared or Mason. 

ARC provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Nolan Kincaid left everything about his hometown behind 5 years ago, taking only his guitar, the clothes on his back, and a photograph of his best friend (who also happens to be the girl he’s in love with). Moving to LA to pursue a music career, he has cut ties with everything and everyone except his other best friend in order to keep memories of his mother and sister’s murders from creeping back into his life.

Now, he learns Hailey is in a coma and rushes back to Minnesota to be by her side.When she wakes with no memory of her attack, Nolan decides to stick around and make sure she is safe.

These two were best friends before, and they quickly pick up where they left off. I was a little surprised at how quickly 5 years of silence was forgiven, but I did like that they were able to pick their friendship back up and establish their bond again. They had a great friendship, and it was fun to watch both characters as they tried to keep things friendly, not knowing that the other wanted to take things to the next level too.

There is a lot going on in this story. Between the friends to lovers, Nolan and Hailey’s history, a PR storm, a new album in the works, dual identities, and a mysterious threat, there was constantly something going on and a new twist popping up.

Some questions never addressed, while others wrapped up almost too conveniently. I was left at the end with several questions that were never answered. Much of the last chapters felt like a monologue chronicling how all the conflicts were wrapped up rather than feeling like I was watching the conflict resolve. There were also several instances where forgiveness was given quickly with very little conversation about what exactly had happened. For all the whirlwind going on, it was almost like there was too much going on to give much attention to any one conflict.

This was an interesting start to a new rockstar series. The little bit readers get from the band makes a few of the characters intriguing, but I have to say I’m more interested in having more from the friends than I am the band.

ARC provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Stina Lindenblatt
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Stina Lindenblatt lives in Western Canada, where she loves to dream up New Adult and Young Adult stories, especially those with romance. She loves to travel, and has lived in England, the US, Canada, and Finland. She has a Master’s of Science degree in exercise physiology and has worked with elite athletes. In her free time, Stina enjoys photography, especially the close-up variety.
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