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by - Tuesday, October 26, 2021

 Indigo Ridge
Devney Perry
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Release Date October 26, 2021

From USA Today Bestselling Author Devney Perry comes a small town, enemies-to-lovers contemporary romance.

Winslow Covington believes in life, liberty and the letter of the law. As Quincy, Montana’s new chief of police, she’s determined to prove herself to the community and show them she didn’t earn her position because her grandfather is the mayor.

According to her pops, all she has to do is earn favor with the Edens. But winning over the town’s founding family might have been easier if not for her one-night stand with their oldest son. In her defense, it was her first night in town and she didn’t realize that the rugged and charming man who wooed her into bed was Quincy royalty.

Sleeping with Griffin Eden was a huge mistake, one she’s trying to forget. He’s insufferable, arrogant and keeps reminding everyone that she’s an outsider. Winslow does her best to avoid Griffin, but when a woman is found dead on Eden property, the two of them have no choice but to cross paths.

As clues to the murderer lead to one of Quincy’s own, Griffin realizes Winslow is more than he gave her credit for. Beautiful and intelligent, she proves hard to resist. For him. And the killer. 

This is the first full-length book in the new The Edens series about an influential founding family in Quincy, Montana.

Winslow Covington is moving to Quincy for a new job and a new start and to be near her grandfather. She knows she needs to earn the respect of the town for her new position especially as some try to make her feel like an outsider. She is smart, competent, tough, inquisitive, and determined to do a good job even if she ruffles some feathers. 

Griffin Eden runs the family ranch. He is rugged, handsome, and a bit broody. He does not do relationships as he has no time for them and they get messy in a small town. 

But one hot night before they know the score leaves an indelible impression upon them both. And if they slip and it happens again, and maybe again...they are sure they can keep in control of the situation, and eventually it will just burn out. But why are they beginning to feel a bit jealous, possessive, and addicted to each other?

But there are unexplained deaths in this small town that hit too close to home for Griff. Most are willing to overlook clues and assume it is all that it seems, but new Sheriff Winn likes to follow her gut. And Griffin is starting to realize that maybe there is a possibility that she could be right. 

There is a mystery unfolding and trying to determine what really happened could tear them apart before they even have a chance to explore their full potential. Hidden agendas, secrets, and circumstances outside their control may just sneak up on them.

This is a mysterious, suspenseful, passionate, small town, enemies-to-lovers, one-night-stand-gone-rogue romance with some surprises and twists. I enjoyed seeing these two figure out things about themselves and their own needs while also trying to determine the truth. The descriptions of the settings of the ranch, Indigo Ridge, and the town are so vivid. He has five intriguing siblings involved in various businesses and the town is full of interesting characters, so I am looking forward to more including Knox's story  Juniper Hill next. 

After note: These covers for this series are seriously just so gorgeous! I cannot stop looking at them.

Winslow Covington is the new police chief for the town of Quincy, Montana. Her grandfather is a longtime resident of the small town, but she is essentially an outsider. She knows she didn’t get the job because of her grandfather, but is determined to prove to the town that she deserves the position. She is strong, intelligent, and plans to bring the Quincy PD to a semblance of organization and professionalism. Had she known the one-night stand she had on her first night in town was with a member of the town’s founding family, she would have made a different decision that night. Now she has to work around his prejudgements about her as they have no choice but to be in close proximity as she investigates a dead body found on Eden property.

Griffin Eden is in charge of his family’s ranch, which takes up all of his time. He doesn’t have time for relationships outside of his family so avoids dating women from in-town - it just causes more drama than it is worth. He is protective of his family and town, a bit on the broody side, and just wants things to remain the same.

When a body is discovered on Eden property, Winn is convinced there is more to it than the surface evidence. As she continues to investigate she ruffles feathers in town, questioning what everyone has held as true for years. I loved the twists and turns this mystery gave the story -- both for the mystery itself, and for the challenges it forced Winn and Griff to face.

These two were fascinating to watch. From their one night stand, each was surprised at the quick connection they formed, but thinking the other was from out of town, neither really thought much of it. They weren’t looking for more than one night anyway. When they are forced to be around each other more, they have to decide whether to address the sparks that continue to simmer between them or try to forget their one wild night.

I can’t wait for more from this series. As the first full length novel, this gives a great introduction into the town and the people at its center. There is mystery and intrigue as well as sparks and fire between the characters. The side characters are well established and I can’t wait to see what comes for some of the Eden siblings and other townspeople.

Christmas in Quincy
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From USA Today Bestselling Author Devney Perry comes an Eden series prequel.

Cleo Hillcrest would rather cancel Christmas than endure another one of her father’s pretentious holiday parties, making small talk with his rich colleagues and her stepmother’s shallow friends. She’s leaving home to spend three peaceful and quiet days in Quincy, Montana, trading gifts and grandeur for room service and slippers.

But she should have expected her family to thwart her plans. The minute she finishes unpacking her suitcase at the quaint Eloise Inn, Austin Myles knocks on her room door.

As the head of her father’s security team, Austin’s been ordered to drag Cleo back to California. Only when she refuses to leave, he has no choice but to stay. After a Christmas in Quincy, everything between them is about to change.

Juniper Hill
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Expected January 11, 2021

Memphis Ward arrives in Quincy, Montana, on the fifth worst day of her life. She needs a shower. She needs a snack. She needs some sanity. Because moving across the country with her newborn baby is by far the craziest thing she’s ever done.

But maybe it takes a little crazy to build a good life. If putting the past behind her requires a thousand miles and a new town, she’ll do it if it means a better future for her son. Even if it requires setting aside the glamour of her former life. Even if it requires working as a housekeeper at The Eloise Inn and living in an apartment above a garage.

It’s there, on the fifth worst day of her life, that she meets the handsomest man she’s ever laid eyes on. Knox Eden is a beautiful, sinful dream, a chef and her temporary landlord. With his sharp, stubbled jaw and tattooed arms, he’s raw and rugged and everything she’s never had—and never will. Because after the first worst day of her life, Memphis learned a good life requires giving up on her dreams too. And a man like Knox Eden will only ever be a dream.

Devney Perry

Devney is the USA Today bestselling author of the Jamison Valley series. She lives in Montana with her husband and two children. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her kids. She loves reading and, after consuming hundreds of books, decided to share her own stories. Devney loves hearing from readers! Connect with her on social media. 

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