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by - Wednesday, May 17, 2023


The Vers Podcast Series - Book Three
Riley Hart
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Release Date: May 17, 2023
Genre: MM Romance
Trope: Age-gap, forced proximity
Cover Design: Cate Ashwood Designs


To listeners of The Vers, a queer podcast I host with my three best friends, I’m known as The Realist—I accept life the way it is, believe in honesty over sugarcoating, and okay, I can maybe be a little bossy.

If you asked The Vers guys, they’d tell you I’m a caretaker who’s always thinking of others, but they also give over-the-top hugs and don’t believe me when I say feelings are the worst.

It’s why I have no business offering Kai Lewis a place to stay when he’s in need. He’s a flirt who makes no secret about wanting in my bed…somewhere I’d like to have him if he wasn’t the employee of one of my closest friends. But, he’s too trusting and leaps before he thinks, so at least he won’t get taken advantage of if he’s with me.

Now he’s always around, wearing shorts that leave nothing to the imagination and saying he wants to take care of me because I’m always doing it for others. It’s not long before I can’t resist him—a man who likes listening in the bedroom but is stubborn in other situations.

Kai is sweet and funny. He gets me to open up to him. Maybe this whole relationship thing wouldn’t be so bad…if he wasn’t nine years younger…and leaving Southern California soon…or if I had any idea what I was doing.

The Realist is an age-gap, forced proximity romance with a bossy realist and a sunshiny flirt who has Marcus wrapped around his finger.

Marcus is the Realist of this group. He is outspoken, honest, controlling, bossy, stubborn, and likes to present like he is emotionally unavailable. But his outside armor hides a thoughtful caretaker with a big heart. Those he lets in get glimpses of this caring, generous, dependable man who likes to be needed.

Kai is almost a decade younger and works for his friend Declan at the bar. He is a shameless flirt, who is sweet, funny, sassy, bold, outspoken, and impulsive. He is at a crossroads in his life and really needs a place to stay temporarily. Surprisingly Marcus insists that he stays with, of course, has nothing to do with keeping Marcus safe from any other riff-raff that might want to use or hurt him...

There is such a push and pull between them. Kai thrives on challenging and pushing Marcus's buttons and he is succeeding in getting under his skin and destroying his control. But Marcus also seems to be just what Kai needs as well...someone that lets him be himself, assert his independence, and be nurturing but also supports him when needed. 

Of course, these two cannot avoid temptation forever. And having hot sex with a roommate for a specified time limit seems safe and should not interfere with their fear of real relationships. And despite their growing connection and understanding of each other, they are also in complete different places in life. Marcus has his career established but has never wanted to be vulnerable enough to let anyone hurt him. And Kai feels like he is not good enough and has nothing to offer. I love seeing characters deconstructed and getting down into their fears, histories, issues, and deep emotions under their perfectly curated facades. And there are other challenges and a set end date adding pressure to the situation.

But if these two can see what their friends see, they may just be able to make something real.

This is a feisty, witty, steamy, sweet, forced proximity, age gap, grumpy-sunshine romance. It brings back all of the Vers podcast guys and their significant others. I love their true devotion to each other while they also taunt and tease each other. It also sets up Corbin's book and I am looking forward to his story. 

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Riley Hart

Riley Hart’s love of all things romance shines brightly in everything she writes. Her primary focus is Male/Male romance but under various pen names, her prose has touched practically every part of the spectrum of love and relationships. The common theme that ties them all together is stories told from the heart.

A hopeless romantic herself, Riley is a lover of character-driven plots, many with flawed and relatable characters. She strives to create stories that readers can not only fall in love with, but also see themselves in. Real characters and real love blended together equal the ultimate Riley Hart experience.

When Riley isn’t creating her next story, you can find her reading, traveling, or dreaming about reading or traveling, and spending time with her two perfectly snarky kids, and one swoon-inducing husband.

Riley Hart is represented by Jane Dystel at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret Literary Management. She’s a 2019 Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Of Sunlight and Stardust.

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