A Real Good Bad Thing: Lauren Blakely

by - Thursday, November 16, 2023

Get ready for a tropical romp!

A Real Good Bad Thing by Lauren Blakely is now LIVE! 

Enemies turn lovers in this rom-com adventure, where rules are meant to be bent and diamonds are worth the chase.

Join the sexy stranger and his fiery rival on a treasure hunt that takes unexpected turns in a tropical paradise. Will love conquer rivalry, or will they end up with more than stolen diamonds? Find out in this standalone romantic comedy that breaks all the rules!

A Real Good Bad Thing
Lauren Blakely
November 16, 2023
A complete standalone

Enemies turn to lovers, but can they trust each other as they chase the same prize? A sexy romantic comedy adventure from #1 NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely…

I live my life by three simple rules. Don’t mix business with pleasure. Always work solo. And family comes first.

But when I head to the tropics for a quick job and meet a fiery woman who makes my pulse roar, I can’t resist bending the first rule for her.

Trouble is, after we spend a scorching night together on the beach, I discover she’s my new enemy. The quick-witted and clever beauty is on a treasure hunt for the same damn prize – beating me in a race to find millions in stolen diamonds.

See you later, sexy stranger.

Too bad I keep bumping into my gorgeous rival all over this tropical paradise as we chase clues.

Maybe it’s better to partner up. Soon, the more time we spend together sneaking into nightclubs and art galleries, the harder it is to keep my hands off her. And soon, I’m not just sleeping with my very irresistible enemy.

I’m starting to give her my heart.

That breaks my biggest rule of all. Don’t ever fall in love. Because it always screws you over.

*Note: A Real Good Bad Thing is a complete rewrite of the 2016 two-book duet The Jewel Series. The two-book storyline has been rewritten from 3rd person to 1st person, presented now in a complete standalone, and with entirely new characterizations, motivations and dialogue for the MCs, as well as a new location. In short, it’s a new story, inspired by one that is now off sale completely*

Jake Hawkins is a retrieval expert, bounty hunter, private eye. His specialty is finding things and returning them to their rightful owner. He is ex-military with a good BS detector and tries to stay focused on the job. He has been deceived by love in the past. But when he meets the mysterious "Ariel", she is a distraction. And one hot kiss has him hooked. 

She just keeps turning up wherever he is investigating. She has her own reasons for trying to get to the bottom of this situation. She is smart, sassy, fierce, kind, and has been burned by love to the point that it almost ruined her adventure tour business. Their chemistry is on point, but trust is a whole other thing. So she is wary of the man who might have ulterior motives and seems to be following her. 

Distracted by unexpected kisses and clandestine hot moments despite the declaration of being no-contact partners on the hunt for answers while looking for a con man, money, art, diamonds, or whatever their investigation uncovers.

Jake and Ruby are two people looking for answers and a prize, not love. And trust does not come easy for either of them. But through their adventures, they might just find it anyway. But are they brave enough to do something about it?

This is an unexpected, fun, adventurous, suspenseful, hot affair during a quest for the truth and treasure.  Jake and Ruby have such good banter and smoking chemistry, and they are highly motivated. It's about trust, vulnerability, and finding a partner that can do good things and bad things to you that are really all good.

Jake has rules about family, work, and relationships: family first, work alone, and don’t mix business and pleasure. As he begins his on-location investigation in his most recent case, he can’t help but be attracted to the beautiful woman who keeps turning up at the same locations.

Ruby is rebuilding her dive tour company while also trying to uncover secrets she suspects her ex-stepfather has been keeping. She is extremely dedicated to her cause, both her business and her hunt, and though she isn’t looking for a man, she can’t help but notice the stranger who seems to be following her around the island.

They might both be looking for the same diamonds, but neither is quite willing to trust in the other. Both have trust issues for their own reasons, and aren’t looking for a relationship. But they also have to admit there is instant chemistry and attraction that makes it difficult to ignore and threatens to be a distraction to their investigations.

This was a story full of secrets and a whole lot of tension as the characters each look at the investigation from their own perspective. It is a rewrite from a duet written in 2016, but it is completely redone and in most ways felt like a brand new book. I always love what Lauren does with her characters, and this felt like the kind of book that would be fun to read on the beach, but also (since this is what I experienced) is great curled up under a blanket. 

Who's narrating A REAL GOOD BAD THING? 
The deliciously talented duo of Stella Hunter and Ryan West! Stella is smooth, sexy and has a HOT guy voice in addition to lovely emotional range, and Ryan has one of those big, deep, sexy voices full of rasp and passion! They are so hot together! Coming to Audible Nov 16th! 
Lauren Blakely

A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s cut but spicy. Lauren likes dogs, cake and show tunes and is the vegetarian at your dinner party.

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