Now You See It Ca'it Donnelly

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Former Navy SEAL Brady McGrath has no trouble attracting female attention. But women never stick around long once they learn he can read feelings through touch. When an old Navy buddy hires him to protect his sister, he doesn't need extra-sensory abilities to know someone wants something from Gemma Cavanagh —something worth killing for.

Gemma's finally getting a handle on her own unique ability to make things disappear—even making them reappear on occasion. When someone breaks into her house and hacks into her computer, she's certain her soon-to-be-ex husband is to blame—until the police show up on her doorstep with the news he's been murdered. And she's their number one suspect.

After barely escaping a firebombing, Gemma and Brady are forced into hiding—and forced to confront the chemistry between them. As they desperately search for the killer, can Brady help Gemma harness her abilities—and keep her from finding out about his own dark past?
Kim's Rating:
3.5 out of 5 Stars

Kim's Review:
Paranormal abilities. Ex SEAL. Romance. Murder. Intrigue. 
Sounds like a good combination!

Brady...Hot, Alpha, Ex SEAL with a mysterious past with paranormal abilities that he shares only with his team. He is entrusted by a team member and friend to look out for his sister. But he is not looking for a relationship especially not with a volatile red head. Has not had much luck in relationships since his paranormal touch senses get in the way.

Gemma...Hurt. Broken. Dealing with a cheating ex and divorce. She hides her paranormal abilities from everyone but her brother. Now the victim of a stalker and crimes that start escalating out of control. Just when she thinks that things will calm down, something else worse happens. 

They have a spark of a connection immediately. 

Their gazes me and held. The contact jolted along her skin all the way to her fingertips., and she saw a quick answering flicker before his expression flattened into polite and bland.

Well, Damn! It had happened, just the way his aunts had always said it would. Just the way it had hit his dad, With amused and knowing grins, the old woman had called it the coup de foudre--the thunderbolt. He'sd shrugged it off as just more Indian stories. Served him right.

But it just slowly simmers as they spend more time together...it is like a slow burn and it takes them a long time to act on it. Trust is hard for Gemma as she has been burned. Gemma fights to keep her independence. But Brady begins to become a constant in her life like her brother Mike. They are all she can latch onto while everything crumbles around her and becomes more and more dangerous. They can relate to each other not only physically and emotionally, but they can actually be honest with each other and reveal all of their secrets. A perfect fit. 

This book is full of mystery, intrigue, heat, and some fun personal interactions thrown in. They have a good rapport and the author allows their relationship to evolve and grow realistically. 

It is the beginning of a new Inner Edge Series and the 2nd book is Helix expected in 2013.

Thanks to Carina Press and netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book early before it's expected release date on Dec. 7, 2012.


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