ARC Review & Giveaway: The Savannah Rossi Chronicles: Deliza Rafferty

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Sexy and confident singer/songwriter Savannah Rossi receives some disappointing career news (which also happens to involve her much despised ex) shortly before she is to go on stage with her band. Fortunately, she has just enough time before curtain for an attitude adjustment with a hot, nameless stranger who knows a thing or two about rhythm and tempo himself. *Contains graphic sexual content and language.*

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Confident, sexy singer/songwriter Savannah Rossi has the biggest gig of her career approaching, but her regular bass player is about to have major surgery. A sizzling hot Southern gentleman temporarily fills in on the gig and drives her to steamy distraction. But when complications with her friend's surgery arise, her lust, loyalty and ambition begin to clash. *Contains graphic sexual content and language*

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It's Christmas Eve and sexy singer/songwriter Savannah Rossi has plans to spend the evening at a local jazz club sitting in with a friend's band. After months of flirtation with the smoldering drummer, she's also got plans to light his yule log after the gig. Oh cum all ye faithful, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

*Contains graphic sexual content and language.*

"The Savannah Rossi Chronicles, a series of steamy short stories that will eventually lead to a full length novel. They are centered around Savannah Rossi, a gifted, sexy, confident, up-and-coming rocker and her musical and sexual adventures."

I am reviewing this series a little bit differently. This is a short series of books, currently consisting of three volumes, no more than 14,000 words. Each story can be read as a stand-alone; Deliza does not leave you hanging. Although, I would suggest reading them in order as each volume offers you something different. They are short, they are intense, and they are steamy. 

"The short stories are more erotica than romance, the full length novel will have much more "story" and romance to it." 

What did I love most about this series? It is the fact that we are not dealing with a bad boy rocker this time around. Oh no, we have our very own bad girl rocker, and she kicked ass! I simply adored Savannah. Our girl knew exactly what it would take to satisfy her and she went after it. She is not apologetic for her healthy sex life. She makes no excuses for what she needs and wants. I totally loved that about her. To be free and not give a damn what others think. Sigh, it would be a perfect world to live in.

Anyway, in Rock & Roll we meet Savvy. She is casing "the house" for the one to fulfill her needs before her show. The story is short and hot as hell! Steamy hot sex with a perfect stranger, no names exchanged - SCREAMS bad girl! Yum! No drama or emotional roller coasters, just straight up dirty sex!

"What started as three days of intense sexual tension on top of worry turned into one of the hottest nights of her life as Logan became the willing receptical of all her emotional and physical turmoil." 

Slow Jam was a bit longer in length than the first and third of the series. I thought it was even better than the first! I loved that Deliza changed it up a bit and gave it more meaning. We experienced some emotional drama while still feeling the intense sexual chemistry between Sav and Logan. Damn those two were a sexual ball of tension for most of the book. Their heat just rolled off the pages. Logan, OMG, Logan. Give me a southern boy like that any day and I could die a happy happy girl. Even though Deliza knew Logan on a more personal level, there was no lack of bad girl/bad boy moments. Only difference was in book 1 Savvy controlled the encounter, this time it is Logan who commands her obedience.

"She would usher in the holiday with her favorite pastime-a little bit of singing followed by a hot, steamy romp in the proverbial hay."

What a way to open up with Little Drummer Boy. I think Savvy may just be one of my favorite book chicks, I may even have a little girl crush on her! I was a little sad to see we had moved on from Logan, but from talking to Deliza before reading this series, I already knew Savannah would be enjoying her life and sexual appetite to the fullest until she met the one she could not keep out of her mind and her heart. Then I met Jesse. Uh, yeah I am a bit jealous of our heroine right now. Let us just say public sex with strangers only a few feet away chit chatting...well yeah...moving on!

Overall, I really enjoyed this series. Some of the words used to describe the scenes did not work for me but by no means made it distracting or any less erotic. Savvy and her band are wicked fun. I look forward to other additions by Deliza and getting to know Death by Red on a much more personal level. Not to mention finding out who steals Savvy's heart at the end of her journey. Until then I look forward to enjoying some emotional roller coasters filled in with hot dirty bad girl sex!
Meet The Author

Deliza Rafferty is a new erotic romance writer located in Hollywood. She's written all sorts of stories and poems for personal enjoyment since she was a little girl, but has spent most of her career in the music business. She is venturing into sharing her musings publicly for the very first time and is excited that modern day technology allows her to do it at her leisure. "Deliza" means "gives pleasure and "Rafferty" means "rich and prosperous." With a name like that, what else could she do? Well...legally, anyway?
Deliza loves to interact with her readers, so feel free to stalk her all over the interwebz!

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