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Lost For You(Book 2)
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What would you do if you were told that everything you had ever believed in and everything you had ever known, was a lie? 

Elle’s life is altered forever after an unexpected phone call and an unwelcome visitor. Trying to put her life back together, Brax’s last words continue to echo through her mind. Why she is being followed and why is she suddenly in danger? The fact that Brax knew about it all and still left her alone, breaks her fragile heart all over again.

Brax will never forgive himself for leaving Elle at a time when she needed him the most, even if he believed it was the only way to protect her. As he makes his way back to her life, he is determined to win her back, regain her trust and help rebuild her for the second time. His return proves he is the same man, yet Elle sees in his eyes a haunted look she knows all too well.

When a confession leaves Elle reeling, her entire life unravels around her. She begins to understand that the people she trusts the most have put her in grave danger and the people who have been protecting her actually want to cause her harm.

Elle soon discovers that the old adage is true, you have to become lost before you can be found.

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Lost in Distraction(Book 1): 

In the three years after a horrible crime claimed her family, Elise Halliwell has been alone, shut off from the world in a self-imposed emotional exile. She goes through the motions, finishes high school and moves across country to start college and begin the next step in her pre-destined life. 

But her exile is dramatically cut short by the entrance of a dark haired, blue-eyed, smirking man who shakes her to the core, achieving what everyone else before him has failed to do, he makes her feel again. 

As much as he wishes it were different, fate has not brought Braxton James into Elise’s life, or has it. Brax has to keep her safe from people in her life who have ulterior motives and may want to hurt her. 

Elise has no idea the threat she faces, and Brax wants to make sure it stays that way. But as Brax struggles with getting close to her, he begins to live a lie. Unable to resist the pull that is Elise’s bright green eyes, infectious giggle, and loving heart, he finds it impossible to stay away, so the double life of being Elise’s boyfriend and keeping her safe begins. 

Full of twists and turns, danger and revelations that no-one could predict, you won’t be the only one lost in distraction.

“Tell me how I can help you, Elle. What do you need?” I ask. I’m desperate now. I want her to feel comfortable; this is her home for god’s sake.
She lifts her head and looks at me. “I need you. Just you.”
“I’m not going anywhere, baby,” I reassure her as I move my mouth towards hers again. She parts her lips and tenderly kisses me back. This is going to be slow and gentle. I want her to know how much I love her, and I’m going to show it to her with my body.
I walk around to the side of the bed and lie her down in front of me, lying sideways across the mattress. I kneel down between her legs, grabbing her foot and pulling off her sneakers one by one. Kissing the instep of her foot, I graze her sole with my teeth, causing a shiver to travel up the entire length of her body. I lean forward to undo her jeans, carefully pulling them down, making sure to drag my fingers across her skin while I move them down her smooth legs. Once the jeans are off, I throw them to the floor and stand up, moving onto the bed and straddling her thighs while I lean over her. I can see her chest lifting and falling as she tries to control her breathing.
“You okay, sweetheart?”
“I will be.”
This review is hard to write since there are so many things to give away. If you have not read Lost In Distraction, stop reading this review now. And do not read this second book without reading Lost In Distraction first.

This book starts right at the big cliffhanger Lost In Distraction after the shot rang off. It takes us through recovery, the baring of secrets, and trying to put back together a relationship after lies and leaving. It is not a quick and easy process after the secrets are revealed. But Jax will stop at nothing to prove the sincerity of his love for Elle and keep her safe. And some things are worth fighting for. 

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to stay. It's you and me against the word now, hon...You're my today, tomorrow and my forever if you'll still have me."

I need Brax in my life. I can't contemplate a future without him in it. He is the sunlight to my perpetual darkness. I'm determined to fight for him and to hell with the consequences. I'm stronger with Brax by my side than I'll ever be alone.

And his best friend/partner Shay and his long lost brother Devon  are there to back the 100%. I loved Shay in the first book and even more so in this one. His the perfect friend and support despite being broken by his tragic past and he will do anything to protect Elle and Brax. Devon added more dimension to their merry band of protectors and I really liked him too. 

There are multiple bad factions working against them causing danger and life threatening situations. Seriously I almost needed a list so I could keep them all straight and how they were intertwined. Skeletons from their pasts continue to be exposed and there are surprising revelations and connections. There are many twists and turns that rock their world. Danger lurks around every corner and it is a constant state of tension and intrigue. Every time they think that they  eliminated the threat and can relax, something else happens to put them back on high alert. I will admit there were times I was frustrated when the characters made what I thought were dumb or uncharacteristic choices, but I can see the necessity to build up more drama.  And it all comes down to a seriously pulse pounding climax that literally had me screaming at my kindle! Yes, it really did! 

This book was a wild ride through a web of lies, mystery, danger, and secrets. But through it all Brax and Elle became stronger and deeper in their commitment. Despite the way their story began, I always believed in them as a couple. Their chemistry, their rapport, their deep feelings,  and their functional relationship in the midst of chaos kept them anchored. So there was sweetness amongst the intrigue and tragedy. 

There will be an upcoming novella in this series featuring Shay titled Lost Without You and will shed more light into situations alluded to in this book. I will be reading it for sure because I have already established what a fan of Shay I am. If you liked Lost In Distraction, I do not think you will be disappointed in the conclusion of Elle and Brax's story. 

Thanks to BJ Harvey for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Having always loved reading, and having been befriended and inspired by some awesome self published authors and book lovers alike, I decided to start writing my first novel, Lost in Distraction in December 2012. It was a conscious decision that started with a song, then the prologue and then catapulted from there. I love music too, like REALLY love music, if there isn't music playing, something is wrong. Out and Proud Vampire Diaries fan as well. 
I'm also a wife, mother, full-time university student and I do contract work for myself from home.

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