Levitating Las Vegas: Jennifer Echols

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Nothing up her sleeves...or so she’s been led to believe.

Showgirl Holly Starr is sick and tired of assisting her dad, a celebrity magician, in his Las Vegas casino magic show. As soon as he keeps his promise to her and shares the secrets to his tricks, she can break out on her own. But can she really make it? For years Holly has taken medication to stave off crazy hallucinations that she can levitate objects. Just when she thinks she’s ready to make a career and a life for herself, her medicine—and her luck—run out.

Elijah Brown suffers from a similar delusion—that he can read minds—and he’s out of medicine too. Determined to save himself and his old flame Holly, he kidnaps her and takes her straight to the source, a town high in the Rockies where their medicine is made. What they discover there leads them to suspect their powers are not imaginary after all...and neither is the intense attraction they feel for each other.

They make a pact to stick together as they return to Vegas to confront the people who kept them in the dark so long. But soon they’re pitting their powers against each other in a dangerous world where the nightlife is seductive, domination is addictive, the sex is beyond belief...and falling in love is murder.

I am a bit late to the party with my review. The reason for this is I read this book a bit ago and just never took the time to sit down and write my review. I set it aside with plans to go back after I had collected my thoughts, but I just never got around to it until now. I think part of the reason for that is because I am not fond of writing reviews that aren't glowing; it's not easy telling an author their hard work just didn't work for you as a reader, especially when you can't pinpoint a specific reason why.

The synopsis of this book snagged my attention immediately not to mention this author has some of my favorite reviewers following her. Both of these reasons had me clicking the request button immediately. I was really excited when I requested this book since I had been going through a book slump and I was looking for something different and a lot of times the paranormal realm will give me what I am looking for, however, Levitating just didn't do it for me. I can't really say what it was about this book that I didn't like; I think overall, there was a lack of connection to the characters and their journey on my part. The story line felt a little lacking as though something was missing and I think this left the characters feeling very one dimensional to me even with the elemental aspect. In addition, I was a tad bit lost during some parts. I found myself wandering in thought and stepping away from the story. I am usually a fast reader, but this one took me over a week to finish.

Levitating Las Vegas is my first read from this author and unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to see why she is so well loved through her previous books. I however do have another book to read and review by Jennifer that is contemporary so I am hoping that I will get the chance to fall in love with her writing style with that one.

Thank you Gallery and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an ARC of Levitating Las Vegas in exchange for my honest opinion.


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