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Adult Contemporary Romance
Expected release January 21, 2014
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Leah Marino hasn’t been on a date in two years. After discovering the man she loved had manipulated and deceived her, she refuses to even entertain the idea of a relationship. Instead, she focuses her attention on taking care of her family, a role she’s assumed since the death of her mother and the one place she knows her kindness won't be taken advantage of again.

When a nostalgic trip back to her childhood home results in a chance encounter with Danny DeLuca, a smart-mouthed mechanic who’s as attractive as he is mysterious, Leah's carefully cultivated walls begin to crumble. She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Danny, despite his unreliable behavior and mixed signals.
But Danny has a secret...

One that could shake Leah's already precarious foundation and bring her world crashing down around her. Suddenly, she's faced with an incredibly difficult decision--is she willing to risk everything for the chance at finding the love she's always wanted? Or are some obstacles just too big for the heart to overcome? 

Author’s Take on Danny DeLuca
By Priscilla Glenn

Danny DeLuca is “the perfect combination of cute, but sexy. Pretty, but rugged. Exuding a gentleness, but at the same time, radiating a raw sex appeal.” He’s described as tall with black hair, and eyes that are “shockingly blue” against the dark tone of his hair. And the cherry on top? A pair of dimples that make Leah feel like her veins are full of helium whenever they appear. When he’s not working underneath a car and cursing like a sailor, he’s taking care of Gram and apologizing for his friend’s crude behavior. He is a walking, talking, delicious dichotomy.

Danny is passionate about everything he does; he works hard, fights harder, and loves with his entire being. He can be moody and unpredictable at times, but he is extremely loyal to those he cares about and will do anything to protect them or make them happy, even if he suffers as a result. There are events in his life he’s still struggling to move on from, but despite his traumatic experiences, he has managed to maintain a level of sensitivity and kindness. (Although, you’d be remiss to mistake his kindness for weakness.)

Unknown fact about Danny: When I first wrote Coming Home, it was done in first-person point of view with Leah as the narrator. It wasn’t until I went back and gave it an overhaul that Danny’s point of view made an appearance, and holy hell, there was so much he wanted me to know about him. I totally fell for him while writing his perspective, which in turn gave me a deeper understanding of Leah. 

Author’s Take on Leah Marino
By Priscilla Glenn

Leah Marino is described as being five-foot-seven with chocolate brown hair that falls past her shoulders in subtle waves, and deep green eyes surrounded by a fringe of thick lashes. Danny would tell you she had “one of the most incredible bodies he’d ever seen…slim waist, phenomenal chest…long and lean, with gorgeous feminine curves in all the right places.”

Leah walks the line between confident and insecure. She’s got a quick wit and can smart-mouth with the best of them, yet she doesn’t always trust herself to make the right decisions. After some poor choices in her past left her scarred and rattled, Leah strives to right her wrongs, protecting and nurturing the good things in her life. Her devotion to her family is one of her defining characteristics; she loves deeply and wears her heart on her sleeve, which makes keeping it guarded that much more difficult (especially when Danny DeLuca is around).

Unknown fact about Leah: Leah can remember the exact moment she decided she wanted to be an English teacher – the day they analyzed Andrew Marvell’s poem To His Coy Mistress during her junior year of high school. That was the moment she realized the power words could have; how someone could take simple, everyday phrases and put them together to create this beautiful universe on a piece of paper, just waiting to be traversed and explored and experienced. 

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Priscilla Glenn lives in New York with her husband and three children. She has been teaching English at the middle and high school levels for the past twelve years while moonlighting as a writer, mom, coach, student, and professional laundry-doer. If you catch her when she's feeling sophisticated, she'll tell you her favorite things are great books and good wine. In the moments in between, she'll admit her love for anything Ben and Jerry's, UFC fights, and Robert Pattinson. Glenn is the author of the contemporary romance novels Back to You, Emancipating Andie, and Coming Home. You can contact her at priscilla.glenn3@gmail.com    

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  1. Looks like the kind of book I love to read. Can't wait :-)

  2. I loved Back to You so I will definitely be checking this one out

  3. The book look amazing! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!


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