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Room for More (Cranberry Inn #2)
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Released March 20, 2014
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Four years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.

Three months ago, I found something I haven’t had in years.
That hope came in the form of a sexy, carefree hockey player named Brody Murphy. He swooped in and won me over with his big heart and the way he cared for me…and my girls. When they look at him, they see the father they’ve never had.

Now, my past and present are colliding and the outcome might just be too much for me to bear. Can I make the right decision when I’ve spent my whole life making the wrong ones?

My running shoes echoed as they clicked against the cold, tile floor while I walked quickly through the hallway connecting the main building to the emergency room wing. I was so lost in my thoughts about timing and the irony of my life that I didn’t notice the big, wooden door to my right swing open until Zach had grabbed my arm and pulled me inside.

“Get the hell off me!” I snapped, jerking my arm free.

He pushed me into the janitorial closet and closed the door behind him, blocking it so I couldn’t leave.

“Was that them?” His face was hard as his piercing blue eyes drilled into mine.

“Was that who?” I responded, irritation dripping from my words.

“Them…the girls…our daughters.”

My eyes widened as I fought the urge to lunge forward and strangle him with my bare hands. “They’re my daughters, not yours.” I spat at him through clenched teeth.

“That was them, wasn’t it?” His voice was gentle.

“No, genius, I was having lunch with some other random 6 year old twins. Get out of my way.”

He crossed his arms across his chest and stood firm. “Why won’t you talk to me?”

“Why?!?” I yelled incredulously. “I can think of five years worth of reasons, now get out of my way!”

“Kacie, please. I have so much to explain.” He took a step toward me causing me to back up against the shelves of cleaning supplies behind me. “Can we meet up after work today? Just to talk? I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.”

“Coffee? You abandoned us for five years and you want to buy me fucking coffee?” My heart was pounding so hard I thought I might die of a heart attack right there. I grabbed onto the hem at the bottom of my scrubs so that I didn’t instinctively reach out and punch him in his damn mouth.

“I just want to talk to you. Please?” He begged with sad, pathetic eyes.

“Sure, we can talk… in five years!” I rushed past him and pushed the door open. “Eye for an eye, asshole!” I called back before the door closed.

We met Kacie and Brody in Room For You. She was a young mother of twin girls with major trust issues after being abandoned by the twins' father, Zach. Brody was a sweet, loveable, professional hockey player that fell for her and the girls. He had to fight her resistance, but kept pushing Kacie until she gave him a real chance. And he finally won over her heart and the girls too.

"You're too good to be real."
"Nope, I'm real and I'm all yours."

Just as their lives are in a good place, a surprise reappearance sends shock waves into Kacie's life. Her ex Zach is back and works as an EMT at the same hospital where she is a nursing student so he is unavoidable. So previously in control Kacie is now faced with anxiety and a decision to make. And we finally get to hear Zach's side of the story and find out why he made the decision  that changed their lives. 

Not quite a spark and not quite nothing. It was history. Good or bad, I shared something with him that I didn't share with any other person on this planet, not even Brody.

Brody is under some stress himself professionally as the hockey season starts and with his own family. I fell for Brody in the first book and even more so in this one. He is so kind, loving, generous, sexy and romantic. He does not act like a big hockey star, but is real, passionate, and caring. He is totally swoon worthy. It broke my heart  to see him struggle in this one. 

And we have seen some growth in Kacie from the first book and she has become more confidant, strong, open, and is learning to live again. But she still is affected at times by fears and insecurities. And her decisions not only affect herself, but also her girls and her family. But under Brody's love, she has softened and become more relaxed. 

..."I realized I am meant to have more in my life than just hockey."
"Am I the more?"
"You're absolutely the more....you're more than more."

Although they have good intentions, secrets are kept, mistakes are made and their happy, safe bubble bursts. Now they are left to deal with the fall out. It was tense, frustrating, and heart breaking at times. 

The first book was more about getting together. This one is about the work of staying together. They have fears, struggles, hurt feelings, and pain. Misunderstandings threaten to destroy everything they have built. Real life is not a fairy tale. Trust and communication are critical. And there lifestyles are still very different and present challenges. 

And when Brody's life begins to implode and he needs reassurance, will Kacie be there for him? In the first book Brody had to prove himself to her, but this time the roles are sometimes reversed.  But Kacie also has to face the demons of her past and make the right decision for  two little girls with a big capacity for love. Lucy and Piper (The Twinkies) were total scene stealers. They are so sassy, fun, and adorable. I loved seeing their interactions especially with Brody. I think I smiled or laughed at almost every scene they were in. And I never expected to start to like Zach. But somehow she managed to make me like the guy.. 

This was another sweet, sexy, engaging read in this series. It was told in both points of view which was really needed especially when communication was a challenge. The writing was easy flowing and heart felt. It was humorous, but also had some drama and emotional depth. It was tense, frustrating, and heart breaking at times.  The side characters added more controversy and comic relief. The couple was truly likeable and their story was unique and interesting. It was a wonderful continuation of their story and I enjoyed getting more with these charming characters. Ok, so Brody's friend, Viper was not so charming but he was pretty damn funny. I would like to see a spin off book about him the hockey man-whore that gets taken down by a good woman. People who enjoyed the first book, will enjoy this one just as much. 

Thanks to Beth Ehemann for providing me with a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. 

After the surprise at the end of Room for You, I couldn’t wait to jump into this book. Room for More turned into one of those reads where I am so involved in that I don’t stop to jot down notes as I go along. Great for reading, not so great for writing my review at the end! And I loved the ending so much I had to wait until I could think about anything other than that epilogue.

Their major challenge this time is figuring out how to maintain their relationship through distance and the secrets they keep. They established their relationship in Room for You, moving past Kacie’s lack of trust. But now they have to navigate a long distance relationship, a new hockey season, the reappearance of Kacie’s ex, Zach, and secrets they are both keeping from the other. With Zach back and Brody feeling the stress of the hockey season, at one point I couldn’t decide whether I was more upset with Kacie or with Brody. 

Together, Kacie and Brody are as perfect as they were in the first book. It is those days when they can’t connect that start to make both stress about the stability of their relationship. Watching Brody begin to experience parenting had me grinning and giggling often. From school supply shopping to Halloween costumes, watching him interact with the girls always made for heart-melting moments. 

The most surprising part of this book for me was how I felt about Zach through nearly the entire thing. We finally hear his side of his abandonment of his family. While it doesn’t excuse his actions, it sure did go far in making my sympathetic to him. 

This was such an emotional continuation of Kacie and Brody’s tale. The ups and downs were perfectly timed to keep me from wanting to put the book down, rooting for them the entire time. There were plenty of comedic moments to compliment the emotional ones. Brody’s teammate Viper, and the Twinkies provide several moments of much needed levity. Both families are back to offer support, advice, and their own blend of stressors to keep the story moving in a well developed world. This was a sweet, fun read with some great emotional moments. 

Thanks to Beth Ehemann for providing me with a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. 
Room For You (Cranberry Inn #1)
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Four years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.
I tried to pick up the pieces and glue them back together the best I knew how, but something was always missing.
A father for my two girls.

But then, Brody Murphy landed on my doorstep, literally. He was a carefree, playful hockey player who barged into my life and messed with my head. He left me more confused than I had ever been.

What if the one thing I thought I needed was the only thing holding me back?

Beth Ehemann 

Beth Ehemann lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her 4 children and her husband, who is really just a big kid himself most of the time. She loves reading, writing, photography, martinis and all things Chicago Cubs.

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