Release Day Review: The Truth About Him: M. O'Keefe

The Truth About Him  
(Everything I Left Unsaid #2)
M. O'Keefe
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Expected November 24, 2015 

For fans of Christina Lauren and Jodi Ellen Malpas comes the next novel in M. O’Keefe’s breathtakingly sexy series about a woman called into a journey of the heart, body, and soul. 

We played our roles, told each other lies. 

But now Dylan is no longer just a mysterious deep voice on the other end of the line. We’re face-to-face and our relationship is very, very real. 

We still have secrets—but so much is crystal clear: 

The thrilling danger. 

The raw, naked desire. 

The need to keep feeling the way he makes me feel. Forever. 

Dylan is putting up walls, trying to keep me safe, but he can’t shut me out. He has seen my darkness and rescued me. Now it’s my turn, if only he will let me.

This installment begins right after the dramatic conclusion of Everything I Left Unsaid and jumps right back in. Annie McKay and Dylan Daniels are dealing with the fall out from their pasts with both external influences and internal conflicts. They are two lonely survivors alternately  holding onto each then pushing each other away due to fears, insecurities, and possible consequences to themselves or the other. They still have secrets from their pasts that are slowly coming to light and affecting their present. They have walls and boundaries in place that are slowly being broken down. They are dealing with scary stuff both danger and suspense, and scary feelings. 

Dylan is struggling with feelings of unworthiness due to his past despite the fact that he is rich and successful. He was living in self imposed exile until Annie unexpectedly infiltrated his life. Now he worries he is not the right man for her and he can't measure up to what she deserves. There are issues from his past and family that cause worry and danger. He has been mysterious and kept his secrets close, but eventually he will have to open up and share them with her or let her go. 

Annie is dealing with her own demons, beginning with a much more obvious and immediate threat. She has grown and found her inner strength. She has been expanding her comfort zone and living her life more freely than she has in a long time. But her secrets are also having a huge impact on their present. 

They will both have to learn to trust, face their fears, and take a leap of faith if they want a chance at something more.  They are survivors. They will have to make sacrifices. They will have to face some bad stuff to hopefully feel the good.

This is about hope, forgiveness, healing, self worth, and love. Sometimes it takes hitting the bedrock or rock bottom of truths to finally trust and find a way out of the dark. They were both strong, intriguing characters that took turns being the savior and the one in need. It was truly a journey for them both to discover truths about themselves, their true wants and needs, their friends and families, and who they wanted to to be. 

The side characters all had depth as well and it will be interesting to see if any of them find their way into spin off books. There were definitely some interesting stories that were left open ended or that could spur future stories with Dylan's MC brother Max, Dylan's partner Blake, and her friends Joan, and Tiffany. But it could be that she just used them to illustrate the differences in responses to money and power and to add more depth to the story. I also loved the character Ben. He was such an interesting man with a complex history and I developed a soft spot for him.

I really enjoyed this duet. I was drawn into their lives easily and intrigued.  It flowed well giving us both points of view. I become attached to the characters and really felt their connection, chemistry, and struggles. The first book shared more of Annie's secrets with us and this one filled us in about Dylan's past. It also allowed them time to realize what was most important to them and deal with the issues in both of their lives in the real world vs. just through the phone line. It was emotional and heartfelt and had a lot of depth to the plot and several story lines intersecting. Despite some of the darker subject matter, I did not feel like it weighed the story down and I focused more on the coming out of the darkness. It was romantic, steamy, humorous, mysterious, and suspenseful. 

ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review. 
Everything I Left Unsaid
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Kim's 4.5 star review

Fans of Jodi Ellen Malpas, K. Bromberg, and Joanna Wylde will be unable to resist this sexy, deeply intimate tale of a woman running from her past, and the darkly mysterious man who sets her free.  

I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life. But the stranger with the low, deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me, awakened my body, set me on fire. He was looking for someone else. Instead he found me. And I found a hot, secret world where I felt alive for the first time.  

His name was Dylan, and, strangely, he made me feel safe. Desired. Compelled. Every dark thing he asked me to do, I did. Without question. I longed to meet him, but we were both keeping secrets. And mine were dangerous. If I took the first step, if I got closer to Dylan—emotionally, physically—then I wouldn’t be hiding anymore. I would be exposed, with nothing left to surrender but the truth. And my truth could hurt us both.

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Molly O'Keefe has always known she wanted to be a writer (except when she wanted to be a florist or a chef and the brief period of time when she considered being a cowgirl). And once she got her hands on some romances, she knew exactly what she wanted to write. 

She published her first Harlequin romance at age 25 and hasn't looked back. She loves exploring every character's road towards happily ever after.

Originally from a small town outside of Chicago, she went to university in St. Louis where she met and fell in love with the editor of her school newspaper. They followed each other around the world for several years and finally got married and settled down in Toronto, Ontario. They welcomed their son into their family in 2006, and their daughter in 2008. When she's not at the park or cleaning up the toy room, Molly is working hard on her next novel, trying to exercise, stalking Tina Fey on the internet and dreaming of the day she can finish a cup of coffee without interruption.
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