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The Rousseaus #1 
(The Blueberry Lane Series #12)

Katy Regnery
Publication Date: 8.5.16

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Did you fall in love with The English Brothers? Were you hot for the Winslows?

Katy Regnery's Blueberry Lane series continues with The Rousseau siblings!

Jacqueline “Jax” Rousseau is vivacious, rich, smart and beautiful…but that doesn’t mean she’s lucky in love: she’s dated doctors, lawyers, actors and politicians who’ve all managed to end up disappointing her. In fact, she’s on a self-imposed hiatus from love when she has an unpleasant run-in with her neighbor’s gorgeous new landscaper, Gardener Thibodeaux. 

Jax is not accustomed to gruff, ill-mannered men that can’t be charmed, but something about Gard intrigues her, and if she can find her way through the armor that surrounds his heart, she also might find a love that won’t let her down.

A midnight interlude creates a budding attraction between two very different people. Jacqueline “Jax” Rousseau is the multi-millionaire Princess who has carved out a career in her own right, but it comes with public interest and a lack of privacy.

Gardener Thibodeaux is working as a gardener on a neighboring estate. He is starting over with some challenges that he does not like to advertise.

They are both a little lost after changes in their lives and hiding out on Blueberry Lane, but they find themselves in close proximity and with a growing interest.

She's sassy, bossy, spirited, and a bit anxious. He's grumpy distant, sexy, and protective. She is tempting him, but he knows it is not a good idea. And she does not do well with rejection. These two lost souls find themselves connecting despite their differences and uncertain futures.

I loved Jax's spirit and how she treated Gard. She understood what he needed and tried to let him keep his pride. And Gard's vulnerability really touched me. He had struggles and at times felt like less of  a man due to circumstances. But he had so many great qualities about him and was a unique hero. I loved getting more of his humor and softer side as he got more comfortable. I totally fell for him. They had great chemistry and rapport. I just  adored this pairing. 

I enjoyed their dual points of view. Their changing into French at times even though hers was more Parisian and his was Cajun was sexy. I loved how they crashed into each other's broken lives and started to make pieces fit back together in a whole new way that they never expected. They definitely had some challenges and situations to face, but it was not overly angsty.  It was just the right amount of heartbreak and drama with a side of sweet and sexy.

I enjoyed her relationship with her siblings Etienne (Kiss Me Kate), J.C., and her twin, Mad, and with some of the beloved characters from this long standing series. These books are easy to get pulled into and have just enough drama to make them interesting, but have a large percentage of fun, flirting, and swooning. They are comfy reads and  I feel right at home on Blueberry Lane with my old friends. I am looking forward to the next two books about her siblings Mad and J.C..

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Jacqueline “Jax” Rousseau is hiding out at her family’s estate after the loss of her privacy in L.A. She loves Le Chateau and the time to relax and reassess her career options.

When she bumps into the new gardener next door, literally, the sparks fly despite their different appearances. After a change in career, Gardener Thibodeaux is adjusting to changes in his life he hadn’t expected and wants to keep hidden.

This was a sweet & sexy story from start to finish. The tension builds between Jax and Gard as they try out friendship -- setting rules and determining what’s ok between friends -- only serves to ramp up the fire between them.

I love Gard’s actions through the entire book. The journey he travels as he lets go of his own insecurities and learns what Jax wants and needs shows just how devoted he is to her. He surprised me with just how much he was hiding, and I loved the way he exposed the last of his secrets to Jax. He is one of those steady characters that make it easy to love them, even as he is dealing with his own internal conflicts.

Jax also has a journey as she determines what her next steps will be. I love that even though she isn’t sure how to get from where she is to where she wants to be, she knows what she wants. 

This is a great continuation of the Blueberry Lane series. There are a lot of characters and family dynamics to track, but there is enough background dropped to keep things straight. Most of the attention is on the three single Rousseaux siblings -- Jax, Mad, and J.C. Etienne, while no longer single, is also a regular presence in the story. Mad is up next, and she definitely has something going on. 
I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

MARRY ME MAD, The Rousseaus #2
The Blueberry Lane Series #13)
Publication Date: 9.2.16
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For as long as Madeleine “Mad” Rousseau can remember, she’s been the “sweet” twin to her sister Jax’s “sassy.” But after an especially painful break-up, Mad decides she’s had enough of being sweet. Children’s librarian during the day, she begins visiting Philly’s seedier nightspots on a quest for adventure and experience.

When Cortlandt “Cort” Ambler, the ex-boyfriend of Mad’s sister, Jax, saves her from disaster on one such evening, an unlikely friendship is born between the rebellious librarian and the moonlighting pianist…and two broken hearts begin a journey toward being whole again.

J.C. AND THE BIJOUX JOLIS, The Rousseaus #3
The Blueberry Lane Series #14)
Publication Date 10.7.16
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Jean Christian “J.C.” Rousseau’s reputation as a charming flirt has been well-established in Philadelphia, and he’s never had trouble winning a woman’s heart. So, when Libitz Feingold, the best friend of J.C.’s sister-in-law, Kate, comes to Philly to help out during Kate’s final weeks of pregnancy, J.C. is shocked to discover that the prickly New York-based gallery owner and jewelry designer is completely immune to his charm. Recruited to help her set-up a local gallery, it’s not long before he starts to fall for her, but he’s going to have to rely on more than mere flirtation if he wants a shot at winning her heart.


Artist: Paul Siegel
Based on the bestselling series by Katy Regnery

Signed prints, photo prints, mugs and keychains can be purchased at http://www.katyregnery.com!
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Katy Regnery, award-winning and Amazon bestselling author, started her writing career by enrolling in a short story class in January 2012. One year later, she signed her first contract for a winter romance entitled By Proxy.

Now a hybrid author who publishes both independently and traditionally, Katy claims authorship of the six-book Heart of Montana series, the six-book English Brothers series, and a Kindle Worlds novella entitled "Four Weddings and a Fiasco: The Wedding Date," in addition to the standalone novels, Playing for Love at Deep Haven and Amazon bestseller, The Vixen and the Vet.

The Vixen and the Vet is included in the charity anthology Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After, and Katy's novella "Frosted" will appear in the upcoming (Jan '15) anthology, Snowy Days Steamy Nights. Additionally, Katy's short story, "The Long Way Home" appeard in the first RWA anthology (Feb '15), Premiere.

Katy lives in the relative wilds of northern Fairfield County, Connecticut, where her writing room looks out at the woods, and her husband, two young children, and two dogs create just enough cheerful chaos to remind her that the very best love stories begin at home.


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