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Cheater (Curious Liaisons #1)
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Lucas Thorn wasn’t born a cheater. All it took was a single moment—say, a certain disastrous incident on the night before his wedding—and boom. Reputation destroyed forever and always. So now he owns it. He has a lady friend for every night of the week (except Sundays—God’s day and all), and his rules are simple: No commitments. No exceptions.

But a certain smart-mouthed, strawberry blonde vixen is about to blow that all to hell.

Avery Black has never forgiven Lucas for cheating on her sister. And suddenly being forced to work with him is pretty much a nightmare on steroids. Of course, it does afford her the opportunity to make his life as difficult as possible. But no good revenge scheme comes without payback. Because he didn’t become the Lucas Thorn without learning a few things about women.

Now Avery’s lust for vengeance has turned into, well, lust. And if Lucas stops cheating, it’s definitely not because he’s falling in love…

I was quite captivated by my first book by Rachel VanDyken. Lucas Thorn and Avery Black were unputdownable! 

Please don't let the title deter you. Cheater wasn’t anything like I expected it to be. In my humble opinion, I wouldn't actually call this a cheating book, per se. Not when the women Lucas sleeps with know and agree to his detailed terms. He states them very clear from the beginning and each woman goes into said agreement with her eyes wide open, without a doubt knowing about each other. To some, there may be a few gray areas that could be construed as cheating, but for me these things didn’t really bother me enough to see it that way. 

However, I did have an issue with the whole is he or is he not a “cheater” part. I got tired fast of hearing the author STRESS REPEATEDLY to us that Lucas Thorn wasn’t a cheater and the reason why. For my own personal taste, I would have rather she used the less is more method. No one likes being beat over the head. It came across as forcing the reader to agree with whether or not he was. Readers are perfectly capable of making their own opinion on a topic regarding the black, white, and gray areas of morality. 

Anyway, if you can get passed the other women before settling down with Mrs. Right troupe, you will have a blast with this book. It’s a light, sometimes over the top, entertaining read, filled to the brim with witty banter, spirited flirting, and wicked antagonism/friction. 

Avery and Lucas had some hellified chemistry!! 

Oh. My. Gosh. 

*taking a sec to fan myself* 

It was downright foreplay, and delicious foreplay at that!! 

After a life altering mishap, Lucas became stuck in his ways and nothing was going to change that. Avery was the PERFECT spitfire to go up against our “player." She loved pushing all kinds of buttons and boundaries when it came to Lucas' lifestyle. Paybacks a bitch and Avery was set to get hers; there's nothing like a woman who feels betrayed. Avery refused to let Thorn walk all over her or to become one of his "days." With their past in mind, she didn’t waste any time taking him to his knees—hard! What a glorious sight to behold, especially since Lucas Thorn wasn't giving up singledom without a fight. This push and pull  between them lead to some fiery tension flaming an already immense attraction level.

When it came to these two, there was definitely no shame to their game. Ms. VanDyken provided us with two very strong leads. Two very strong characters that had no issue going head to head, providing an abundance of fireworks. 

Lucas and Avery’s antics will keep you coming back for more, devouring each scene at a greedy speed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. With characters this charismatic you’ll be reading this book in one sitting. Let me put it this way, they left me so hooked, just writing this review has me wanting to beg the author for even the slightest scraps with them in it.

As soon as I flipped to the last page, it didn't matter that it was 2 in the morning, I immediately wanted to jump into book two; which I was so damn saddened to find out wasn’t even available yet. I seriously NEEDED more Avery and Lucas. Yes, I know book two is Thatch's book, but I figure these two love birds will be featured, since the next book in the series is about their best friends. 

I CANNOT wait! Bring on Austin and Thatch, Rachel VanDyken!
Rachel Van Dyken

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!


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