12 Favorite Reads of 2012: Day 7

This is one of our all time favorite books series! They are so much fun, so well written, and the characters are so well developed. You cannot help but get engrossed in their stories and believe us when we say they will totally suck you in! 

Kim's favorite is Book one: Mystery Man(Hawk) and Tammy's is Book 4: Motorcycle Man (Tack), but we enjoyed them all! Definitely highly recommended reads! 

And they coordinate well with Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series and some of the characters float in and out of the books since they are in Denver and have to work together to solve crimes and provide protection. 

You can purchase these books at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They will also be available in paperbook soon. You can also get upcoming news from Kristen Ashley's website. 

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This is the story of Cabe"Hawk" Delgado and Gwen. Gwen meets this mystery man at a bar and he goes home with her for a night of passion. He continues to visit her at night for a year and a half and they still do not share more than passion. But Gwen's sister drags her into a world of danger and all of a sudden, her mystery man becomes her Commando savior although he drives her crazy. He is on a mission to save her and along the wild ride, they realize they have been wasting time not getting to know each other.

Cabe: "Totally missed out."

He'd lived a nightmare of eight years, closing off the world and refusing to feel anything only to walk up to a goddamned restaurant and through a window see the woman of his dreams wearing a sexy, little black dress and laughing with abandon. Then he'd fucked around for a year and a half. ...He'd had her in his arms and he had not idea he was in her heart and he'd denied she'd touch his for a year and a fucking half.

Cabe "Hawk" Delgado. sigh. Our first Kristen Ashley book. He can make you swoon just by saying "Babe." He is  bossy, arrogant, intrusive, annoying, but he can be sweet protective, loving and is of course HOT. Gwen does not really know what to do with him, but he is also tough. Loved the story of Hawk and Gwen. Hawk just barrels into her life and her life goes from boring to dangerous in the matter of a day.  Gwen has other admirers like Mitch the Police Detective(Law Man) and Tack a bad ass Chaos Motorcycle Club Leader(Motorcycle Man). There is action, suspense, chemistry, fighting, jealousy, danger, and a truly sweet love story. They help each other heal from past hurts and  have to alternately hold on and find their way back during some tough times. 

"You're in deep with me, aren't you baby?"
"Drowning." he whispered back.

Hawk is one of KA's best characters and we have not heard the last of him as he tends to pop up in other books when you least expect him. This also has one of the best KA epilogues ever!

Tammy's Rating:     Kim's Rating:
4 out of 5 Stars       5 out of 5 Stars
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We briefly met Brock Lucas in Mystery Man as he was undercover. Well in his story, he is undercover again. Problem is he has fallen in love with Tess who he was supposed to be investigating in order to get info about her ex husband's drug business.  Needless to say that does not go over very well.  But he is determined to make her understand. 

"I can't make any promises about where this is gonna go but what I can do is give you me, keep you safe while you walk on the wild side and work my ass off to do what I can so this never goes bad for you."

Tess owns a bakery and bakes cupcakes. She has been seriously hurt and victimized in the past. He has enemies and family issues with a crazy Ex and 2 boys. They have to get over their trust issues to move forward.  Seeing how understanding and  protective Brock is of Tess is so sweet. But she is not a weak character either and finds her own strength. They are such a strong down to Earth couple and it was sweet how they worked to forge a family.

"Brock Lucas is wild and he's rough and he's driven but he's loving and affectionate and so fucking loyal it isn't funny. He takes care of me. He make's me feel safe..." 

This book is not quite as over the top exciting as the first book, but there is a good balance between danger and romance. We also get visits from other KA characters: Hawk and his commandos, The Nightingale boys from Rock Chick series, and Mitch the cop. 

Tammy's Rating:     Kim's Rating:
5 out of 5 Stars       4.5 out of 5 Stars
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Mitch finally gets his own book. The sweet, hot, good guy Cop Lives across the breezeway from Mara. She has worshiped him in secret and considers him her dream man, but she was afraid to do anything about it. 

From Goodreads blurb: Then one day Mara’s faucet won’t turn off and she knows nothing about plumbing. Being a good guy, Mitch offers to help then he invites himself over for pizza. Mara gives it a go but finds herself running away from him (literally) on their first date, standing him up their second and then she runs into him (again literally) on her way to save her ne’er do well, criminal cousin’s kids who’d just run away from their ne’er do well, criminal Dad. Suddenly, Mara finds she has on her hands the guardianship of two kids and a gorgeous police detective who’s willing to do anything to help out… including giving fabulous foot rubs.

Mara does not believe she is worthy of Mitch and knows she comes with baggage, but Mitch makes it his mission to convince her of his feelings and make them a family.

“Mara, I’m keepin’ you safe. I’m keepin’ those kids safe and you don’t have a choice in that, sweetheart. That's just the way it’s gonna be… I was made to protect you and you were made in the way that it would always be worth it.”

“That's another thing that doesn't turn me off, sweetheart, knowin' that you come with those kids and you need to know that. You also need to know I want kids of my own, two of them. But I don't care, if this works out between me and you, that the kids we have will have an older brother and sister that don't have my blood, just my heart.” 

Mitch was such a sweet guy. And they were an adorable couple. Their devotion and care for the kids was amazing and the epilogue was so sweet.

Tammy's Rating:     Kim's Rating:
3 out of 5 Stars       4 out of 5 Stars
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And last but not least, comes the book we were all waiting for...Kane "Tack" Allen!

Tyra meets her new boss  Tack at a party and has a wild passionate night with him. Only to arrive at work the next day for him to be mean and fire her. He does not employ people he has slept with and he had no clue she was his new employee. She will not take No for an answer and stands up for herself. Thus begins the unlikely courtship dance of Tyra and Kane "Tack" Allen. 

I didn't know that was what I was looking for. I just knew I wasn't going to settle for anything less, not anything else less than perfect. I was going to find the man of my daydreams and nothing else would do. So I never got married because I never found him, no one ever brought that color into my life. Until Tack.
What to say about Tack? He is rude, crude, arrogant, but he is fiercely loyal and protective too. Tacks' world is different from Tyra's previous one and kind of scary. Tack is also kind of scary, but he can be sweet too. Once they connect, they are hot, sweet, and you cannot help but want them to make it through. There is a crazy Ex, his kids, danger, and peril. The boys from the other books have to come in and help, and we get to see the girls too. 

I took in a deep breath and asked softly, "What did I hand you, honey?"
"What's lyin' in that bed."
That was when I stopped breathing.
"I claimed it," he went on. "But last night you gave it to me. Gift's given, no takin' it back. You get that, Tyra?"
"I think so," I whispered.
"Get that, baby, it's important.”

"Life's a roller coaster. Best damn ride in the park. You don't close your eyes, hold on and wait for it to be over, babe. You keep your eyes open, lift your hands straight up in the air and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.”

Tammy's Rating:     Kim's Rating:
6 out of 5 Stars       5 out of 5 Stars
We are very excited that the spin off Chaos series will be released April 2, 2013. Book one is Own the Wind and is the story of Tack's daughter Tabby and Chaos member Shy. We can always use more Tack!


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