Bad Rep A. Meredith Walters

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"Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes".

Maysie Ardin is soaking up the summer before her junior year of college, shopping, hanging by the pool and shopping some more. But when her black belt in spending lands her in trouble with her parents, she is forced to take a second job at a local bar to dig herself out of a deep financial pit.

She thought she’d be miserable. But then Maysie didn’t count on Jordan Levitt, the hot, pierced and tattooed, drum playing bartender who also happens to be very interested in her. And the feelings are totally mutual.

It had the makings of the perfect romantic set up. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy has girlfriend? Okay, maybe not.

But attraction is a hard thing to ignore and soon Jordan and Maysie find themselves in the middle of a gossip induced firestorm. Maysie has to learn whether she can set aside her fear of public disapproval in order to be with the one she wants. Or will she let the opinions of others dictate her life and her heart?

Kim's Rating:
3 out of 5 Stars

Kim's Review:
A rollercoaster of angst and Mean people. 

Jordan...Bartender, drummer, Frat Boy, Tattooed, pierced, Biker...and immediately enthralled by the new girl at work...

Jordan was hot. Like, ridiculously hot. He had a delicious edge about him that was hard to ignore. He was a weird mixture of tatted up bad boy and gorgeous guy next door.

Maysie...Starts out smart, pretty, popular sorority girl, hard worker...But soon she annoyed me and frustrated me. She is what I call a runner. He was constantly chasing her and she was either pushing him away or running away. Once things got hard, she would hide and get depressed. She is very insecure. 

They have an immediate spark and good chemistry. But he has a girlfriend. So thus begins the "I want you, but it is wrong" game and a lot of foreplay.

"...I see the looks you give each other. You practically orbit around each other. What you both are doing is engaging in nonphysical foreplay."

And they had a rough road. Things happen. She gets blamed. Her reputation suffers. There are seriously mean people in their circles. But neither of them dealt with the whole situation well and it was really frustrating. 

"Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes."

"Do you ever worry that all of that stuff, that the ugliness will make what we have ugly too?"

It seemed like the whole book one of them was getting hurt and one of them was being stupid or inflexible. After awhile I just wanted to get them to a happy place and end the madness! 

The book was well written and the characters were developed fully. I especially liked Jordan even when he was making dumb mistakes. He could be really sweet and intense. And Maysie's close friends were funny and supportive. I think I just needed a little more happy and sweet mixed in with the angst and negativity.


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