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EASY MELODY - coverEasy Melody (Boudreaux #3)
Kristen Proby
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Expected November 10, 2015

Callie Mills never intended to return to New Orleans and the life she left behind more than a decade ago. There was no need to open old wounds when she had the life she’d worked hard for in Denver. But when she’s fired from her awesome job in Colorado and her father dies, she has no choice but to return home to run the derelict bar left to her in the heart of the French Quarter. Callie must not only face bad memories but turn The Odyssey into something she can be proud of.

And who better to help bring in crowds of people than Declan Boudreaux?

Declan is a sought-after musician who knows he’s good at what he does and loves doing it. Known to pack the house, he also loves women and doesn’t expect to be knocked back a step by the beautiful new owner of The Odyssey. Callie is sharp, gorgeous and funny, and makes him yearn for something he never has before… Commitment.

But when Callie’s able to turn the business around with renovations, making it one of the hottest bars in the Quarter, will she sell out and leave her past behind once and for all, or will Declan be able to convince her that’s she’s where she needed to be all along…in his arms.

Here goes nothing.

              It’s still early in the evening, but it’s not a typical busy night, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get Callie alone, even if it’s just for a few moments so I can talk to her. I don’t want to wait until later tonight to walk her to her car.
              I walk in and sigh in relief. It’s slow in The Odyssey, with just a few tables occupied, and a couple of guys at the bar. The roof is closed, which tells me it’s been mellow all day.
              As I walk toward the bar, I see Callie at the far end talking to a tall suit-type who’s handing her flowers.
              “Oh, Pete, you didn’t have to do that.” She’s smiling as she buries her nose in the blooms.
              “Well, dinner out just hasn’t worked out, so I decided to come to you.”
              Who the fuck is this?
              “We’ve both been busy,” Callie says as she shifts her gaze and finds me standing not far behind Flower Boy. Her eyes widen and her cheeks pinken. I stand firm, cross my arms over my chest, and watch unapologetically.
              “I know things ended between us a long time ago,” the dude continues, “but I’ve never forgotten you, Cal. Let me take you out, like old times.”
              Fuck that.
              “Callie,” I say, my voice calm but firm. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”
              “Adam can get you a drink. We’re having a conversation,” Pete says, obviously pissed at being interrupted.
              I bet he’s been practicing his speech for a week.
              “Now,” I say simply.
              “I’ll be back,” she says to Pete, then walks around the bar and motions for me to follow her. As soon as we’re in her office, I close the door and move her against it, caging her in.
              “Is he who you want, Callie?” I’m panting, adrenaline taking over. Callie’s blue eyes are wide and pinned to mine. She’s gripped on to my shirt over my ribs, holding on tightly. “Say he is, and I’ll leave right now.”
              She blinks once, then again.
              “That’s what I thought,” I plunge one hand into her soft hair, fist my hand in it and tilt her head back, and kiss her. Hard. She moans, long and deep, pulling me to her with those hands, and I’m lost in her. Our tongues explore each other, and then I nibble the corner of her mouth and kiss her softly. “I’m tired of trying to keep my hands off of you,” I murmur, my lips still against hers.

Declan Boudreaux is lusting after the new owner of The Odyssey bar Callie Mills. They have a flirty rapport, sexual tension, and chemistry. But she's looking for love and he's usually looking for just a good time. Lovers. Friends. They don't know what the heck they are really doing and what they really want.

Declan is a talented, sexy musician and a sweet Southern charmer. He's got a bad rep for being a man whore. He's charismatic, easy going, protective,and bossy. But he is clueless at times about how real relationships work. He is not a very consistently adept communicator. 

Callie is sassy, fierce, sweet, independent. and vulnerable. She's felt loss and her life has undergone a lot of recent changes. She really wanted to be loved and needed, but is also scared, insecure, and untrusting. She is used to taking care of herself and others, not being taken care of.

In their favor, they have hot chemistry, shared interests, and get along well. They make each other want to be better and give each other a sense of being wanted and belonging. But they also have communication issues, tempers, and moodiness, and tendencies to avoid issues. They have to learn to trust and get on the same page. They never expected to fall. They make mistakes, have some missteps, and hurt the other at times, but they also needed each other. They really manage to fit well together if they can just deal with their communication issues and insecurities. 

I loved getting more with boisterous Boudreauxs...Eli and Kate, Gabby and Rhys, Charly, Savannah, Beau, their sweet Mama, and adopted brother Ben. I loved the girls' nights with wine and shoe bonding, and boys' club talks. Charly's story was teased at the end of this one and I am looking forward to her story next in Easy Kisses. I am still really looking forward to Ben and Van's book...it has been building up this whole series. I also liked Callie's room mate Adam and I am glad to see he is getting his own novella Easy For Keeps. There were some fun Seattle crossovers too! We got to see some progression with the the other couples and hang out out with this tight knit group of family and friends.

This was a relatively low angst, sweet, romantic, steamy read.  I enjoyed the New Orleans setting, bar and music scene, as well as the home restoration aspects of the story. I will admit that sometimes I got a little sidetracked with all of the sex scenes, but I honestly liked both characters and getting dual points of view. Declan was a swoony hero even though sometimes he needed to be smacked upside the head and his excuses did not make perfect sense. And Callie was a strong heroine, but she also had her moments that precipitated some of their issues. And some of it was just poor timing, bad luck, or outside influences. But they were a fun couple and this was one of those easy, engaging reads that just sucks you in and makes you smile. 

ARC provided by tour host and author in exchange for an honest review. 
Declan Boudreaux loves his city, and loves his life. With his family background he doesn’t have to work, but loves music to the point he has made it his job. He also loves slowly renovating his historic home, slowly turning it into the masterpiece he sees hiding behind the dated and run down appearance. He has always been casual about women and dating, preferring to keep things light and without strings rather than forming deep relationships with the women he sleeps with. He takes care of the women he is with, but isn’t interested in more than a short time -- until the new owner of The Odyssey catches his eye.

Callie Mills is back in New Orleans running her father’s bar, now her bar, and after a heavy renovation The Odyssey is back up and running again. Having spent the whole of her adult life in Denver rehabbing houses while managing a bar, she ever intended to return to the city of her childhood. There are far too many negative memories there for her.

Declan is a bossy one, though not having much relationship experience doesn’t help his cause with Callie. These two were a study in miscommunication, for as well as they communicated physically, but for all the miscommunication I never felt the antsy feeling I get when couples don’t talk things through. The level of drama worked for them and never felt overdone.

Though they may not have always communicated clearly what was going on, they were certainly in tune physically. They were drawn together from the beginning, with Declan’s bossy nature coming out stronger than usual and Callie liking the way he took charge. The sparks flew and they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Once again, the huge Boudreaux family rallies around their own, though “their own” doesn’t always mean they share blood ties. I loved the way they rallied around Declan, but also claimed Callie as their own even before Callie and Declan were officially an item.

This also had a great crossover scene from the With Me Series, as Declan and Callie take a quick trip to Seattle for some football, shopping, and food (and man, do I want some Pike Place donuts after that chapter).

I think I must have been in the mood for funny, easy, family sagas this week. This is the second I’ve read in a week and I finished this one feeling even more content than when I finished the first. I love the big family influence, and can’t wait for Charley’s book, Easy Kisses, coming in the Spring. She’s going to be one tough nut to crack. 
ARC provided by tour host and author in exchange for an honest review.
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Kristen Proby

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Kristen Proby is the author of the popular With Me in Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type—fiercely protective and a bit bossy—and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, and sunshine. And naps. Visit her at KristenProby.com

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