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(Pittsburgh Titans#1)
Sawyer Bennett
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Release Date January 11, 2022

After suffering a horrific injury that threatens to end his career, Baden Oulett is about to learn that sometimes a fresh start is just what the doctor ordered.

I worked my whole life to achieve one goal—play professional hockey. As part of the defending Cup champion Arizona Vengeance, I was living my dream until one split second decision destroyed it all. Instead of lacing up my skates and hitting the ice, I’ve spent my days in rehab and physical therapy just so I could walk again. When a coaching opportunity with the Pittsburgh Titans is presented to me, I find myself with a career I had never considered but which allows me to continue being part of the sport that I love.

While my injuries are physical, the same can’t be said for the woman I rescued. Suffering from wounds that can’t be seen, Sophie Winters has withdrawn from the world in fear and guilt. I didn’t know Sophie before that fateful night and have only met her once since, but I refuse to let her face her demons alone. Determined to be a friend, I support Sophie in the only way I know how… by simply being there.

Through our shared trauma, Sophie and I begin to find peace within one another. As we grow closer, what started as friendship becomes more intimate until our broken pieces become one. But can a love born of anguish endure, or will the pain of our past prove too much to overcome?

This is the next chapter in Baden Oulett's story but by no means is it his whole story. We have seen him go from an active NHL player to horrifically beaten and recovering from a serious spinal cord injury(in the last few books of the Arizona Vengeance series). We have seen him go from hopelessness to finding the will to recover and then fighting his way back to beat the odds, and now we get to see him figure out the next part of his life.

At this point, Baden has become much more self-adjusted. He is physically and mentally getting stronger every day but he still has goals. His ultimate goal was to get back on the ice but there’s still a question of whether it is attainable. So when a tragedy occurs and brings him a new opportunity for a coaching position he has a decision to make. So this begins the Pittsburgh Titans era. New job, new challenges, and something he didn’t expect.

Sophie was the initial victim in the incident that cost Baden almost everything. He saved her but she still suffers PTSD, fear, and anxiety from being attacked. She’s virtually homebound and really needs to find a way out of her cocoon. When Baden shows up at her door just to check in, it is a catalyst for her to begin to look ahead in her own life. 

I absolutely adore these two together. When she’s comfortable in a situation she is funny, caring, and her beauty just shines. And Baden is just so patient, supportive, accepting, empathetic, charming, and just such a swoony hero. They shared the common history and bond and understanding that no one else could. But they also quickly developed this rapport and companionship that they both so really needed. It was an unexpected bonus of his move to Pittsburgh and something else that just changed his outlook on life. And now that he’s done most of the work on himself, he can be a cheerleader for her to try to beat back her demons, have small successes, and try to take her own life back and work towards her own dreams. 

This is a sweet, sexy, inspirational, bond-forged-in-tragedy, friends-to-roommates-to-lovers story of survival, hope, healing, and love. These two went through hell, but they’re coming out on the other side of it and it’s so beautiful to see. I was so invested in them and finding joy in life again.

I enjoyed visiting with his old friends on the Vengeance and meeting the new guys on the Pittsburgh Titans. Her friend Frankie is also quite a character. I am really looking forward to more with this newly put together and somewhat troubled team. They are truly rebuilding a team from scratch after a tragedy and it seems there will definitely be growing pains and plenty of dynamic characters.

Baden Oulett headlines the first book in the new Pittsburgh Titans series from Sawyer Bennett as the Titans rebuild a team mid-season following a tragic plane crash that took the lives of most of the team and management.

Baden’s own hockey playing career hangs in a very precarious position as he works through recovering from a good samaritan situation that left him with serious injuries including paralysis. When the owner of the Titans contacts him to ask about the possibility of stepping up as their new goalie coach, he has to take a serious look at whether he will be able to play at professional caliber again or if this is a good next step for him.

Sophie is the attack victim Baden stepped in to help and though her injuries were not as significant, the attack has shattered her way of life. Rarely leaving her home, she is on thin ice with her employer as she isn’t ready to return to her full travel responsibilities just yet. It also doesn’t help that she can’t identify any of her attackers, and feels guilt about the significance of Baden’s injuries. But when he shows up on her doorstep, it seems like the perfect opportunity to start moving toward the future she wants.

I loved the way these two connected. Baden’s patience with Sophie’s mental state and his ability to push without overwhelming was so sweet to watch. Sophie, herself, was already considering how to take those next steps towards her own healing, but as she didn’t have a huge network of people around her to support her choices, she had been staying in the safe lane she had already worked through. Baden’s efforts gave her a purpose to move out of her comfort level in safe ways to rebuild who she was before the attack. As they moved from friends to roommates to lovers, their bond grew deeper and more important to each.

This was a sweet story about leaning on people, rebuilding strength, and moving beyond tragedy. I have a feeling that the last one is going to come up often in this series based on what we’ve learned about several of Baden’s teammates so far. This entire team is on shaky ground, both the players called up from the minors or out of retirement, and the handful that were not on the plane when the rest of their team died.

Pittsburgh Titans





spin-off of the Arizona Vengeance series

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