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by - Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The New Guy
Sarina Bowen
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Release Date February 28. 2023
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A new male / male hockey romance from 24-time USA Today bestseller Sarina Bowen!
My name is Hudson Newgate, but my teammates call me New Guy.

That was my nickname in Chicago, too. And Vancouver. That’s what happens when you keep getting traded. Brooklyn is my last chance, especially after my poor performance last season.

But I can make this work. The new guy knows to keep his head down and shoot the puck. The new guy puts the game first.

What he doesn’t do is hook up with the other new guy—a hot athletic trainer who lives in my building. Gavin needs this job with my team. He’s a single dad with responsibilities.

We can’t be a couple. My arrogant agent–who’s also my father–will lose his mind if I’m dating a dude. And my team needs me to score goals, not whip up a media circus.

Too bad Gavin and I are terrible at resisting each other…

Two guys so in need of companionship, touch, and to feel wanted and accepted. But their lives are complicated by the circumstances that they find themselves in.

I absolutely loved this book. It pulled me in right from the beginning and I just didn’t want to put it down. Gavin is a widowed, single dad, and is starting over with a new career in Brooklyn as an athletic trainer for the Bruisers. He used to be easy-going and fun, but now he has to be responsible and has so much on his plate to juggle. But he’s caring, supportive, and just a nice guy. When he uncharacteristically goes out to a bar he is surprised to meet a guy that interests him and sparks fly. Until they realize one big thing...
Hudson is a hockey player that never seems to be able to achieve longevity on a team. He’s just been traded again and is starting over with the Bruisers. He’s trying to find his place on the team, deal with an injury, and keep his sexuality to himself. He is a bit broody at first but he has his reasons, and he is also caring and witty.
Two new guys to the team living too close and working too closely. But eventually, they find their way to a friendship and a secret fling. Hudson has never thought that he could be out and be a hockey player and live up to all the expectations placed upon him. And Gavin has to think about more than just himself and he’s already had such a loss that he doesn’t want to get hurt again. But even though they know that it’s not supposed to be a long-term thing and that they have to hide, messy feelings start to develop. But there are also some other messy complications too.
These guys are just so likable and so in need of companionship, care, and support. I loved their stolen moments but also loved seeing them intermix with each other’s friends and family. I really felt bad for Hudson and how much pressure he put on himself. He is scared of his sexuality hurting his career and of losing his place on the team as well as trusting someone with his heart. And I also felt bad for Gavin because his situation is complex and he’s going it alone as a single dad. The circumstances surrounding them are just hard and at times they are just not sure if there’s any way to be more and merge their lives and make it work.
This is a hot, sweet, emotional, player-trainer, single dad, secret affair story. There’s so much emotion and need between these guys, but there’s also banter, camaraderie, and amazing chemistry. I loved Gavin’s precocious daughter, and she never failed to make me smile. I enjoyed seeing so many of the Brooklyn crew. I just wanted to see everything come out okay for these two guys and they really did have a lot of challenges both within themselves and with possible repercussions. And there was a moment that I swear my heart just broke and I was wanting to throw my kindle across the room but at the same time had to grab it and keep reading.
I’m hoping that we may see some spinoff books from some of the new characters that were introduced toward the end. I’ve always been a fan of her Brooklyn series M/F books, but I have to say that this M/M book exceeded my expectations. I am so happy that she wrote an M/M story within this universe with two amazing heroes and I would love to see more.
Hudson Newgate is used to being the new guy. So much so that his teammates on multiple teams have taken to calling him New Guy. Once again, he is the new guy in Brooklyn, though he dreams of signing a contract that will keep him in one place for more than a season or two at a time. His last abysmal season means he needs to prove himself, and his agent-father has his eye on Hudson’s performance and everything it means for the future.

Gavin is starting a new job with the Bruisers. As a widowed single father, he is trying to move forward with his young daughter as his focus. His new job will be a bit of a juggle, what with the evening games and occasion travel, but his sister is living with him and willing to help out as much as she can. His in-laws are proving to be a bigger challenge as they have never approved of him, and now that his husband isn’t here to be a buffer the gloves are off.

They hook up before they know who the other is, and when their realities clash together, they aren’t quite sure how to keep going. Or how to stop.

Gavin is bisexual, but in the closet. He has never been able to live as his true self because of the pressures his father has put on him. The one time he thought he could open up, it didn’t end well and now he fears the repercussions if he falls in love with a man. Gavin is out, having been married to a man, and is accepted as such by the team.

These two hooked me from the beginning. I loved each individually and hurt with them as they struggled through their individual challenges. Though the tension built between them as they battled over whether they could have something, and whether that something should be secret or not, I loved the way they challenged and supported each other through it all.

Each of their families had me wishing I could reach into my reader and shake them into becoming different people so that Hudson and Gavin could be happy faster.

This was a fantastic return to the Brooklyn Bruisers world. I didn’t realize how much I had missed these characters since the last book. I am intrigued by the little teaser at the end and what that means for future hockey books from Sarina. I can’t wait to see more!

I received an audio copy and loved the way the narrators brought the story to life. Teddy Hamilton and J.F. Harding do a fantastic job voicing Hudson and Gavin.

The New Guy is a M/M standalone set in the Brooklyn Hockey world.
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Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen is a 24-time USA bestselling author, and a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance novels. Formerly a derivatives trader on Wall Street, Sarina holds a BA in economics from Yale University. A New Englander whose Vermont ancestors cut timber and farmed the north country in the 1760s, Sarina is grateful for the invention of indoor plumbing and wi-fi during the intervening 250 years. She lives with her family on a few wooded acres in New Hampshire. Sarina's books are published in over a dozen languages with fifteen international publishers.

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