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A. L. Jackson
Releasing: October 10, 2023
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When my best friend's little sister walks in on me moaning her name, it's all over. All restraints are shattered, and every boundary demolished. Nothing will be the same...

For years, I've tried to keep my distance from Dakota Cooper. She's everything I've ever wanted and the one thing I can't have.

But when she calls me in the middle of the night after someone tries to break into her house, I can no longer handle that distance, and I convince her to stay with me, along with her young son.

I should have known having her living under my roof would push me to the edge. Ignite the need that has simmered for so long.

The problem is, she's forbidden. Off-limits. And I know better than crossing that line.
I can't drag her into the dark secrets of my life.

But I can't stay away from her either, so I do the one thing I shouldn't—I take.
And now that I've had her, I'm not sure I can save her from who I am. . .

What to expect in Don't Forget Me Tomorrow...
*Brother's best friend
*Small town romance
*Single Mom
*Secret past
*Pierced MC
*Plus-size heroine
*Touch her and die vibes
*Romantic suspense
*No cheating

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The pining is real in this one. Ryker and Dakota have basically been in love with each other since they were young, but circumstances have kept them apart. She should be off-limits because of the fact that she’s his best friend’s little sister. But the biggest problem is that he’s made mistakes, and got himself into some trouble that he can’t seem to get himself out of. Ryker is intense and he the dichotomy of caring, loving, protector, and a bad boy with a dark side to his past and present. He just wants to be with her and her son and to be able to live his life, but he has a debt that is dragging him down and trapping him in a web of darkness. So he feels torn apart, regretful, guilty, worried, and unworthy of her.  And he honestly thinks she sits on a pedestal but struggles with bringing her into his mess.

Dakota just thinks that her love is unrequited and that he thinks of her like a sister because that’s what he’s tried really hard to project. She thinks she needs to get over it and move on. But when they end up in close proximity due to a certain situation, their chemistry starts to sizzle and spark, and his walls and resistance start to break down. She’s getting a little glimpses of how he really sees her, but she just doesn’t understand why he stops himself.

I loved Ryker and Dakota together and felt the intense chemistry and connection between them. I liked seeing, the growly, possessive, losing control, kind of guy that he turns into when he’s trying to resist or gets jealous. And poor Dakota just doesn’t know what is really going on due to the shift in dynamics. She’s smart, sassy, and independent, but she just doesn’t want to keep getting hurt. She is a mama bear and it was so sweet how they took care of Kayden.

This book brings the mutual pining, friendship, secrets, hidden and forbidden love, angst, suspense, and drama. It's about two people who truly believe in each other, but don’t always believe in their own self-worth and importance. It brings back the side characters from the first book and there’s a thread of mystery to it as Ryker's secrets are unraveled and there are also some concerning situations happening around her. So it’s tension-filled the whole time between the pining and the holding back, the danger and suspense, and the trying to figure out what is going on and if there’s any way to fix it so they can possibly move on together.

Dakota runs a successful business and is a strong single mom. She has had a thing for her brother’s best friend nearly as long as she can remember, but he only thinks of her like a sister so she doesn’t have hope anything will happen there.

Ryder has his secrets. His metal shop isn’t all on the up-and-up, and he doesn’t want his poor choices to taint the ones he loves. He has kept his distance from Dakota for years, despite always feeling that she gets him better than anyone else.

I loved watching these two pine for each other, especially as the walls between them broke down and they realized there might be something beyond friendship. The circumstances for their forced proximity meant that they quickly found a rhythm inside Ryder’s home and I loved it as they played house together, even if it was in secret from those around them. Ryder’s devotion to Dakota’s son was so sweet and made me fall even harder for him.

As the plot played out, I found myself making guesses that sometimes were confirmed, and sometimes turned out differently than I expected, but either way I was pulled into the story and couldn't put it down.

This book was filled with Jackson’s usual lyrical prose, and I loved the way the small town setting fed into the pieces of the plot. This had great elements of brother’s best friend, single parent, and forced proximity among other tropes. I am enjoying the town of Time River, the friends, and interconnected families that live and work together to create a well established community.

Love Me Today
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Narrated by: Joe Arden & Andi Arndt

A jaded single dad. A woman returning to her small-town roots. Neither was prepared for their paths to collide…

I should have known I was in trouble when I backed my old, beat-up truck into the shiny Range Rover.

The driver looked like a gorgeous fallen angel – one who’d been booted right out of paradise for being a giant prick.

Good thing I’ll never have to see him again.

Except when I show up for my new job to teach a little girl how to ride her horse, I find the same icy blue eyes glaring back at me.

Paisley Dae is completely reckless. She’s also the best trainer in this small town. And Evelyn gets the best.

Protecting the little girl is my one focus.

Only the sassy trainer in her cut-offs and cowgirl boots quickly gets under my skin. Distractions are dangerous, but she soon becomes everything I crave.

One reckless night of giving in, and Caleb and I spiral into a web of passion.

But when I begin to unravel the secrets hiding in this place, I find there is more riding on this job than I thought.

Caleb and Evelyn are worth any sacrifice – only Caleb has to decide what he will sacrifice for me…

A.L. Jackson

A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

If she's not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

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