Calling The Shots Christine d'Abo

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Calling The Shots (Long Shots #4) by

He's had a wild ride, and now sex club owner Josh Scott is looking for a change of scene. But first, he's determined to bring two friends together, and he's willing to be a third wheel to move things along...

Beth Norris is eager to be set up with hot bartender Oliver Stephenson, but she's equally attracted to matchmaker Josh. Soon she's fantasizing about both men at once—and about being the one to call the shots in the encounter...

Ready to move on with his life post-divorce, Oliver is conflicted by the realization that he's attracted to women and men. Or more specifically, to Beth and Josh. He tries to keep his distance, but it's not long before the chemistry between the trio combusts in a night of mind-blowing sex.

In the light of day, it's clear something deeper than desire is growing between Josh, Beth and Oliver. But though Josh has helped others find love in unconventional relationships, is he willing to take a chance on one himself?
Tammy's Rating:
3 out of 5 Stars

Tammy's Review:
Calling the Shots is the 4th book in part of a series; I have never read the other three and did not have any issues with reading this as a standalone. Also my first read by Christine d'Abo, I liked the book ok.

The story centers around a sex club called Maverick and its sexy brooding owner Josh. This right here was enough to catch my attention. Then let us throw in the fricken hot as hell cover with Josh and his two special friends. Beth, his sexy assistant manager, and Oliver, his hotter than hell tatted bar tender. I was so wicked excited to start this, as it is right up my alley.

“Mavericks. A safe haven where people could explore their sexual desires.”

I thought sex club would equal BDSM, and hot threesome play! We got the threesome play in the right amount of quantity, but very little BDSM. Christine touched on it but didn’t delve too deep into it. Unfortunately, the story started slow, no actual action till almost the end of chapter 6 and I was not feeling the chemistry from the characters either. My system was all revved up and ready to go and then it just plummeted down to 20 mph. I guess after having read another series based out of a sex club I just needed more than what this story was able to give me. My expectations were higher.

The story was not bad, and I will admit that the threesome scenes were HOT! Not that took my system from 20 mph to 60 in just a few seconds. Once Christine gets started, she definitely knows how to give one hell of a finish. We had some sexy as hell M/M, M/F, and M/F/M play. My only complaint during these scenes was you felt the chemistry between Oliver and Josh more than you did with the guys and Beth. She seemed more like an afterthought. I have never read a BDSM book with 2 tops and one bottom, especially a male and female top. So fricken erotic!!

I liked the characters, but I did not connect with them outside the bedroom. I need that connection when I am reading to really appreciate a book. Even an erotic book.

“It’s like the three of us have fallen into this weird triangle.”

Josh wanted some playtime, he wasn’t looking for any lasting relationship as he had some mommy issues, and well who can blame him. Beth and Oliver also had issues with past relationships and Oliver was learning his desires also laid in another direction. We had the typical fight these feeling and run before we admit to ourselves our real feelings.

There was also a who dun it feel to the book, and this really didn’t jive with me either. Maybe because when you find out who did it, you’re like what? It just didn’t flow with the story or the other issues going on with in the story.

I gave this book 3 stars and would recommend it based on the sexual scenes and chemistry alone.


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