Some Like It Hot: Susan Andersen

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"Wrong for each other" never felt more right… 

Even a lifelong traveler like Harper Summerville has to admire the scenery in Razor Bay, Washington. There's the mountains. The evergreens. The water. And Max Bradshaw, the incredibly sexy deputy sheriff. Still, Harper's here only for the summer, working covertly for her family's foundation. And getting involved with this rugged, intense former marine would be a definite conflict of interest—professionally and personally. 

Max's scarred childhood left him determined to put down roots in Razor Bay, yet one look at Harper—a woman who happily lives out of a suitcase—leaves him speechless with desire for things he's never had. He might not be big on talking, but Max's toe-curling kisses are getting the message across loud and clear. Harper belongs here, with him, because things are only beginning to heat up….

Quick sweet beach read. I liked Some Like It Hot but, if I'm to be honest, it isn't one of my favorites by Susan. I haven't read book one, so I am unable to compare the difference in the way Max and Harper acted in that book compared to this one. However, just an FYI, you can read this as a standalone. I didn't feel the least bit lost. With that, I enjoyed the characters on an individual level; I just couldn't quite grasp the feel of them together. Their chemistry sometimes fell kind of flat and the dialogue sometimes had kind of an out dated feel to it. I don’t quite know what it was about their journey that felt lacking, but it was definitely missing the special something that usually keeps me engaged when it comes to Susan Anderson’s characters. 

My thoughts about Harper are those of adoration! I found the fact that she was not the “typical” heroine quite refreshing. Not to mention most authors have the male as the flawed one who can't settle down, it was a nice change to see this in reverse. I loved that Harper was perfectly flawed and thought that she made a fantastic leading female. I didn't always agree with her decisions or actions, but I think that's what made her so easy to relate too. Who hasn't made mistakes and bad decisions in their lives?  However, Harper had a major quality I adore that the last few heroine’s I have read about lacked…a backbone! There is nothing better than reading about a sassy take charge type of girl. She was most definitely not afraid to go after what she wanted, which just happened to be Max, after she got past his gruff tough guy facade.

I enjoyed Max's character well enough, but I didn't connect with him on the same level as I did with Harper at first. Yes, Harper didn't always act in the best of sense, but there were moments I thought Max totally overreacted. It took me a bit to warm up to his character, however when his his layers are peeled back I found him quite engaging. By the end of the story Max totally won me over.

Overall, the story was enjoyable. I just didn't find the characters to be as entertaining as previous characters she has written. 

Thank you, Harlequin and NetGalley, for the opportunity to read and review an ARC of Some Like It Hot in exchange for an honest review. 


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