12 Favorite Reads of 2012: Day 10

Day 10 is spent with the gifted Nicole Williams and her Crash series!
Do you like: damaged bad boys? Angsty stories that keep you involved all the way through? Damaged chicks who don’t take any crap but always manages to mess things up in a major way all the way to the end? Heroines who reform the damaged boy  and convinces him to feel like he is worthy and loved? 
Well in this series Nicole delivers this and much more.
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"The name's Jude Ryder, since I know you're all but salivating like a rabid dog to know, and I don't do girlfriends, relationships, flowers, or regular phone calls. If that works for you, I think we could work out something special."

” I found your earring.”
“Where was it?”
“Tucked inside my boxers.”
“How the hell did it wind up there?”
“Don’t know, but let’s just say I was close to becoming pierced. “

Tammy's Rating:     Kim's Rating:
6 out of 5 Stars       6 out of 5 Stars

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“Jude was a roller coaster-I was a roller coaster. Together we created that super-duper-looper thing. It was scary, standing on the ground and looking up at it, but if that’s the ride I had to take to be with Jude, I’d be the first in line.”

"but your man's a passionate person. Just like you are. If the two of you are together, you've got to accept the roller coaster as a way of life. You wouldn't want him to change who he is anymore than he'd want you to change. The drastic ups and downs will be what spending your life with Jude will be like. That's a fact. You have to ask yourself if it's worth it."

Tammy's Rating:     Kim's Rating:
6 out of 5 Stars      5 out of 5 Stars

I have grown very fond of the YA genre and books like Crash & Clash  are the reason why.  They always seem to bring me out of my book funks.  Definitely not mindless reads, most times I end up with a variety of emotions that ends me up in tears. This series was no different. I was HOOKED from the first few pages.  Kicking myself for continuously pushing this series off.
Why oh why do I do this to myself each and every time? What you ask, well read the drama filled angsty emotional as hell books. I swear I just like the torture the YA brings to the table. Maybe one day I will learn my lesson…..wait if I must be honest probably not. I love this type of read WAY TOO MUCH! How can you not love the read that makes your heart pound, your anxiety set in, and manages to break and fix you all at the same time? 

"I just wish I could trade in the roller coaster for a carousel. Able to anticipate what was around every corner, making the journey with less dramatic ups and downs."
"...but that's not the hand you were dealt baby. Jude was the hand you were dealt and that man is no carousel, Lucy."


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